Sevillian Premium Gin

Puerto De Indias

The distillery was founded in 1880 on the site of a natural spring water dating back to the Roman period. The distillery has been producing craft spirits in cooper pot stills using traditional techniques for over a century.  In 2001, two brothers and successful entrepreneurs from Seville, Jose Antonio and Francisco Rodriguez Fernandez acquired the distillery and began distilling aniseed, fruit and herbal liqueurs.  In 2013 , inspired by the forward looking, innovative and courageous history of Seville they decide to challenge the status quo of the Gin category and create a new perception and consumption habits amongst new consumers.  Their Vision was to position Puerto de Indias as the gin that changed it all by disrupting the traditional Gin & Tonic consumption occasion by adding flavour and accessibility.  Fusce placerat nisl nec nibh iaculis, quis vehicula massa ultricies. In posuere, ligula quis blandit hendrerit, mi est maximus ex, non accumsan libero nisl vitae velit. Ut congue felis in malesuada tincidunt. Nam quis purus magna. Mauris mi mauris, porta a dignissim a, sollicitudin et lacus. Suspendisse ut tristique massa, ac placerat urna. Praesent suscipit nisl sit amet neque lobortis, vitae feugiat mi dignissim. Quisque et metus tempor, porta magna eu, vestibulum nulla. Morbi finibus sed odio id lobortis. Suspendisse egestas nunc id nulla molestie, vitae mattis neque semper. Nulla facilisi.


Puerto de Indias Strawberry
Puerto de Indias Black Edition